Balance Technicality and Creativity in the Way You Write Songs

There are many different ways to write a song for song competitions. They are usually composed either on the basis of technical inspiration or creative inspiration. The technical approach to songwriting includes the use of music theory, song form, rhyming scheme and patterns, and much more. On the other hand, creative approach to songwriting includes exploring your instrument, writing about […]

How To Find Music Grants To Make Your Music Project Successful

Budding artists just want to live their passion! The only problem is that they don’t have sufficient resources to bring that band, song or project to life. Sometimes they put down the instrument and apply for a grant. Along with being hard working, it is frustrating too, especially when your application efforts don’t result in financial support for your career […]

Music Artists: Here are the Basics For Securing Music Funding for Projects

Securing funding is one of the independent ways to fund your music project and cover any costs that come with producing music, touring, music promotion or establishing the business. Often the budding artists can be seen questioning “where to apply for music funding”, so Funding My Music brings to you some of the best potential sources for securing funds for […]

Angel Investors Can Help You Further Your Career as a Musician

It’s not easy to get your music project off the ground. Getting funds for your craft is even harder. The question “How to raise funds for my music project?” has its own set of principles and it goes beyond the basic advice available. Funding My Music offers budding artists a unique opportunity to have their music exposed to Angel Investors […]

How To Come Up With New Song Ideas For Songwriting Competition

The songwriters or budding artists are always on the lookout for fresh song ideas or how to participate in songwriting competitions? Inspiration floats around us all the time, we have to grab the golden opportunity and turn it into our own creative vision. Funding My Music can give wings to your passion. Funding My Music regularly updates the recent song […]

Looking For the Ways to Raise Funds For Music Album – Check These Music costs money!

One of the major pain points for any musician is raising funds for their music album. Recording, printing, replication, distribution, and even marketing – all bear cost and money. Whether it’s a small or large music project, it requires a significant amount of investment of time and money. If you’re juggling to figure out ‘how to fund my music album,’ […]

This is How You Should Find Investors & Make Your Music Project Successful

Your music project is a business and likewise any business, it also needs the substantial amount of funding to grow. How to find investors for my music project is as important as writing the best lyrics for your album. Funding My Music is a very strong advocate to structure your funding campaign that can help you get the personal loan […]

Musicians Should Make Sure to Invest in These 3 Things

When the budding artists get more freedom and power over their music, then they should also ensure to invest back the money received into their career. These days, there is an available number of options. Are you planning to create a band, product and release your own album? Do you really give 100 percent on the music or you have […]

This is How You Can Make Music Project Popular When You Have Zero Balance

Networking is the most vital step in making your music project popular and successful. All you need to know is the effective tools required to reach out to the target audience. But, the question “How to fund my music project, record and release the album?” is the most difficult to answer. Before you start digging yourself into debt, find what […]

Things to Keep in Mind before Applying for a Loan for Your Music Project

Raising funds or obtaining financial help seems to be one of the most frustrating things which the budding artists face nowadays. When musicians have a passion burning in their heart but they do not have enough resources to bring their band, song or project to life, they become disappointed and disheartened. But how you get funding for music projects and […]

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