There are many different ways to write a song for song competitions. They are usually composed either on the basis of technical inspiration or creative inspiration. The technical approach to songwriting includes the use of music theory, song form, rhyming scheme and patterns, and much more. On the other hand, creative approach to songwriting includes exploring your instrument, writing about your own personal experiences, free-writing, and more.

The songwriters or budding artists are always on the lookout for fresh song ideas or how to participate in song competitions? Inspiration floats around us all the time, we have to grab the golden opportunity and turn it into our own creative vision. There’s no right or wrong approach to songwriting, but it is beneficial to learn how to balance the two. Read on further to know to peacefully make technicality and creativity balance in your songwriting.

Keep Your Creative Skills Higher Than The Technical Skills – As songwriters, you can express your creativity by adding a personal touch to the song or engraving your own unique voice in them. Let the technicalities of songwriting complement the message of your personal story that you’re writing about.

While writing the song, whatever thoughts pop up in your mind, write them on paper regardless of the flow and without editing. Later go back and rewrite certain portions where you want to strengthen the imagery, check the rhyming scheme and make the phrasing flow better. At this point of time, you can use your knowledge of music theory to identify a chord progression so that the lyrics convey the exact message.

Don’t Let Technicality Overpower Creativity – The song completely written in technical tone may sound stiff, unoriginal, inauthentic, or even robotic. Of course, there are few genres that inherently call for a more technical approach to songwriting. But in such situation too, try to be creative with technicality. One should always maintain the balance between technicality and creativity with songwriting. Always make sure that your creativity takes the lead, and the songwriting techniques to support your ideas.

If you take help of both the approaches, then too it becomes mutually beneficial. To get your inspiration going, if the creative emotions are not flowing, you can adopt a more technical approach to make your songwriting process successful.

The more you write, the more you’ll be able to find a balance that works the best for you. With a little experience, songwriters know their weakest and strongest points. Always take feedback from the professional songwriters who complement your strengths, and end up with better songs as a result. This will help you excel in the song competitions you are participating in.

With the above-mentioned tips to balance creativity and technicality in your song, compose the song and then look for how to participate in song competitions. Funding My Music regularly updates the recent song competitions you can apply to. Songwriting competitions often provide the support and instruction newcomers need. Our expert team can help you find what sort of competition you’re looking for, anywhere in the world.


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