One of the major pain points for any musician is raising funds for their music album. Recording, printing, replication, distribution, and even marketing – all bear cost and money. Whether it’s a small or large music project, it requires a significant amount of investment of time and money. If you’re juggling to figure out ‘how to fund my music album,’ check out the below-enlisted tips:How to Fund My Music Album

LAUNCH A PRE-ORDER CAMPAIGN ON SOCIAL MEDIA – If you don’t have enough money to cover all costs, consider launching a pre-order campaign on social channels such as Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube. This builds excitement among your target audience while the product is in development.

Reassure your fans by showing them some video footage of your brand in pre-production. Don’t lose the trust of your fans, as it will be hard for you to recover. Pre-order campaigns on social media can prove very effective for raising funds. Prepare several different bundles so that you can offer tiered pricing. That way, your fans can simply pre-order the album or put more money towards other bonuses.

APPLY FOR GOVERNMENT FUNDING PROGRAMS – To supplement the costs of fabrication, art materials, studio space, and travel, one of the most popular sources of funds is grants. Funding My Music has researched many state and federal funding grants and compiled handy guides of the ones that are within reach of the average artist.

When it comes to granting money, it can be attained by open application, however, the eligibility requirements differ. Each comes with big money grants to help artists of all back rounds and financial situations.

SOCIAL MEDIA IS A BLISS – Keep your online presence alive by creating and maintaining your different profiles along with keeping the focus on your music! You can create your YouTube channel with the help of logos you may have or ideas for a visual theme and work them into your channel’s overall design. You can also take care of the daily Facebook Posts, Tweets, Instagram Posts, and Snapchats.

EBOOKS – Considered to be one of the most knowledgeable paths to raise funds for a music album. All you need to do is go through the books such as “Top 15 Mistakes Made In The Music Business,” “How to Build A Music Fanbase,” and “Hacking The Music Industry” to name a few. These books will give you an insight of how you can raise funds, what steps need to be taken care of, what are those paths that you should completely avoid.

SEEK HELP FROM FUNDING SERVICE PROVIDERS – If you’re in need of a personal loan or a low-interest credit card to fund the production of your music project, then Funding My Music (FMM) can show you the most cost-efficient directions. FMM charges nothing to help the budding artists fulfill their dream. They make you get in touch with one of the funding specialists to further discuss your financial needs!

So, there you have it! The above-enlisted fund raising tips are a good answer to your question “How to Fund My Music Album?” Our only motto is – “Making music possible for every aspiring and dedicated artist.”


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