Looking for the hassle-free way to release an album without being completely under debt! Releasing an album never guarantees that you will get the profitable return on your investment. After all, it all depends on the taste and preferences of the audience. Sometimes, even the most successful musician fails to impress the audience. It is increasingly difficult to see significant returns on an album release if you don’t have a rock solid release plan.

How to fund my music project

So the big question is how to fund my music project? Now recording and releasing a music album is no more a difficult thing, if only you have passion for music and the right resource to fund the project. If your dream is to become a successful musician, then we have the right resources to fund your music album. Funding My Music can help you make your music project successful without burning down your accounts. Below are enlisted useful tips on how to save money while releasing your dream music project album:

Determine & Prioritize Skills & Performances – When you self-release the album you have to take care of everything from recording, releasing and promoting your own album. A big label carries out all these tasks for the budding artists: funding, recording, writing blogs, and promotion. But when you’re releasing it on your own, you are your own label. Although a big task yet fairly simple. Prior recording ensures how much you can realistically afford to invest in an album. Spread the workload in a fair way amongst your band members.

Adopt Free Ways to Build Excitement – Although the business side of your music project may seem to be a daunting task yet if you carry out the promotion task with same enthusiasm and gaiety, chances are higher that the world will recognize your album. Give the minimum of 2-4 months dedicatedly for promotion. Choose a digital release platform that lets you select a date for your album’s release and you can carry out with the countdown task. No matter what you post, keep your fan base in the loop. Learn to build a fanbase with our free ebooks available here.

Choose Between DIY or the Studio for Recording – When it comes to DIY recording, mixing and producing, it doesn’t have to be all-or-nothing. Investing in sound equipment is one way you can save money but it will still take some money, skill and time to record, produce and mix an album. The DIY approach to recording is beneficial to some while for others studio recording is recommended. If you do end up opting for studio time, have your songs perfectly practiced and planned for recording long before you book studio time.

Look for Funding Agency – All the budding artist looking for the financial avenue to support their craft and looking for ways on how to fund my music project. Your search ends with Funding My Music. We can help you obtain the funding that you need to make your passion a reality. We help the artists in getting the funds and suggest them the most suitable and cost-efficient directions possible. We evaluate your submitted music and forward to the investor angels or financial institutions that could possibly offer financial support furthering your musical endeavors.

Releasing your music is a happy moment. Take the stress of ‘how to fund my music project out with the right plan, and rest easy with the knowledge that you’re in the best possible direction to making your music dream a reality.


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