Networking is the most vital step in making your music project popular and successful. All you need to know is the effective tools required to reach out to the target audience. But, the question “How to fund my music project, record and release the album?” is the most difficult to answer. Before you start digging yourself into debt, find what steps you can undertake so that your money woes don’t shut you down.

Below are enlisted tips on how to make music project popular, when you have zero balance:

How To Fund My Music Project

WHAT YOU EXACTLY WANT TO DO – First and the most important thing is to figure out what is your aim? And what are you

doing to achieve it? And who will help you reach your targets? Whatever it may be you will have to come in cont

act with many people and set up a network of people who share same interests. Once this is determined, the rest should be fairly simple!

SEEK HELP FROM SOCIAL MEDIA – Social media will prove to be helpful in creating brand awareness about your music project. If you don’t have a social media account, it’s high to time to create and own one. Have social media account on almost all the social media platforms. This is because if one platform is used for photo and video-sharing, another platform such as LinkedIn can be used for business networking.

Funding My Music (FMM) can keep your online presence alive by creating and maintaining your different profiles, thereby letting you focus on other important things. We offer: YouTube Channel creation and TuneCore Submissions and SoundCloud Posts.

SONGWRITING COMPETITIONS – Songwriting competitions is one of the best ways to let people know about your musical projects, gain exposure, and find new fans. Competitions can also be used for marketing and branding. It also helps you come in contact with aspiring candidates who are also sailing on the same boat. Ask them questions, and take note of their experience. Each interaction will help you learn about the hardships.

If you happen to win the competition you will get a chance to record your song under the guidance of a professional expert. In case, you lose, don’t feel disheartened, instead put in more efforts so that you can win the next time. Funding My Music regularly updates the recent song competitions you can apply to.

SEEK HELP OF CONSULTING – Funding My Music offers the aspiring candidates unique opportunity to consult established industry personnel to help them get real advice on how to proceed with their music career. FMM also provides you with an opportunity to consult with somebody who has gone through all these hiccups throughout their career. We are also able to provide you with access to some of the industry’s top stylists.

From your miscellaneous expenses while on tour with the team to cost-efficient directions that a budding artist should follow, FMM helps you at every stage to make your dream come true. Funding My Music is the best answer to your question “How To Fund My Music Project.” We will help you in getting personal loan you require to fund the production of your first E.P. We also help in artists seeking a low-interest credit card to help them meet petty expenses.


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