Your music project is a business and likewise any business, it also needs the substantial amount of funding to grow. How to find investors for my music project is as important as writing the best lyrics for your album. Funding My Music is a very strong advocate to structure your funding campaign that can help you get the personal loan at a low-interest rate or low-interest credit card to meet the miscellaneous expenses.

How to Find Investors for My Music Project


  • You have several assets such as self-composed music, publishing rights and live performance income. Each of these things has their own ins and outs on which the funding party will think prior investing.
  • The income that you earn today is not at all reflective of your commercial potential over the next 5 years.
  • Investors always look for interesting, unusual investments that aren’t widely available to the rest of the world.


Aligned Incentives – With investors you create long-term back support rather than one time supporters. If you win, they win. It solely depends on the investors whether they would like to support you beyond your first project.

Professional vs. Amateur – In the music business, you will have to act like a professional and not an amateur if you want to get funds for your project. Renowned industry specialists like to deal with serious budding artists. A record label or publishing deal is nothing more than a large investment. In literal terms of investment, you will have to demonstrate that your potential work is capable of investing so that investors show huge interest in your project.

Defined Plan of Action – Best outcomes are the result of the solid planning and strategy. This is an exercise every aspiring candidate goes through. You are required to present a solid plan to investors that will entice them to fund your music project.

Strategies to Reduce RISK While Finding Investors

  • PLANNING – Don’t wait until the last minute while you are out of money. Potential investors can sense a desperate artist. It is always an indication of poor planning, more than an opportunity for a great bargain. The investment process usually takes two to three months.
  • USE FEEDBACK WISELY – Investors will buy your musical talent, not your product. The right investor will have specific feedback on pricing models, music distribution and market positioning to improve scalability. Listen to the feedback instead of debating.
  • DON’T BE A TOTAL UNKNOWN – Through peers, social media or connections, make every effort to meet one or more of the investors prior the actual meeting. If you are not known even by at least one investor, it will be presumed that you have not done your homework.

Funding My Music can help you obtain the funding that you need to make your passion a reality. FMM is your one stop for the answer to the question: “How to Find Investors for My Music Project?” We provide them with the unique opportunity to get their music exposed to Angel Investors. On an initial basis, we evaluate your song/music and then pass the most qualified candidates to these Angel Investors, who could possibly offer financial support to transform your musical career.


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