Are you a budding artist who have skills that you want to showcase to the world? But you don’t have any financial avenue to support your craft? Funding My Music is one of the viable solutions to the question that nearly every artist faces “How to participate in songwriting competitions?” We present a number of solutions for artists to obtain financial help. One such is, we aggregate and keep a current list of different song competitions that are available for artists to participate in.

How to participate in songwriting competitions

Songwriting competitions give you a platform to showcase your hidden talent. It is a stepping stone to achieve great heights and raise funds for your music project. Below are enlisted the reasons why every aspiring artist should participate in such competitions:

Showcase Your Talent – By participating in songwriting competitions, you can show your hidden talent & skill and you’ll end up raising up funds for your dream music project. The rewards in the form of cash prize help you achieve your professional goals. The contests are open to amateur and aspiring songwriters. You can participate in any of the music categories of your choice.

Connect with Granters – Songwriting competitions are also a way to connect with interested granters, that are otherwise difficult to reach. If your skills have the ability to pass the screening process, you have the potential to win a competition. Winning a songwriting competition brings you in limelight, and hence, making it possible for you to connect with fund providers for musicians. If you happen to impress grant providers with your skills, determination and passion for music, you could possibly get financial support, furthering your musical endeavors.

Be Ready for Challenges Obviously, when you participate in any competition, it doesn’t mean you will end up winning it. Participation is in itself a big achievement. If you don’t receive any of the big prizes, you can still benefit from the opportunity to challenge yourself. Learn new things and develop your skills, show to the world that you’ve gained an enriching experience. Competitions are a journey, not an endpoint. Success or failure is the next step in the journey to accomplish your goals. Focus on what you’ve gained, and keep on developing and improving your music skills.

Keep Testing Your Ideas –These competitions are the best way to keep testing your ideas to see how feasible they are. Keep on conducting tests in a risk-free environment where you can get feedback from peers and professionals. If you are committed to realizing your dreams, testing your skills and ideas is a great investment. Competitions provide an enriching and stimulating experience that allows you to apply your knowledge to a specific, practical problem.

The more you participate, the better you get. Funding My Music is the relevant answer to your question “How to participate in songwriting competitions?” By participating in songwriting competitions, you can receive funds as well as get a lifetime mentoring and professional support.


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