One of the hardest parts that the budding music artists face prior starting a music career is getting it off the ground. Success requires dedicated and determined hard work – however, when you know where to start and how to do, the process becomes much easier and hassle-free.

How to participate in songwriting competitions

It’s recommended being part of songwriting competition to gain rich experience. It is not only a way to get that extra boost but also helps you build momentum for your project. Winning comes with a lot of perks, but even if you don’t win, you won’t leave empty-handed. If you’re looking for a competition that can gives wing to your passion but don’t know how to participate in songwriting competitions or don’t know why you should be part of them, Funding My Music gives you answer in the following points:

Give Exposure to Yourself & Your Project – Songwriting competitions is one of a great way to let people know about your musical projects, gain exposure, and find new fans. Competitions can also be used for marketing, branding, and PR. There are other ways to earn profit i.e., from publicity and attention during songwriting competitions. Contests are the platform where press and bloggers looking for newcomers to get an overview of the scene and find their next story.

Get in Touch with Savvy Musicians – Songwriting competitions is one such place where you can come across ambitious artists just like you. Whether they’re just starting the journey or have been part of it for many years, they all are sailing in the same boat. Don’t be shy, rub elbows, drop messages, ask questions and take note about their experience of this journey. Each interaction may just save you from having to learn lessons the hard way.

Spark Creativity & Show Unique Sound – The actual process of entering the competition is to put your ideas on paper, organize your thoughts and brainstorm the possibilities. Exposing yourself to new perspectives and listening to other musicians will surely enhance your creative spirit. In songwriting competition you need to polish your style, and rip everything again and again to create that winning track. Face it, submitting an application to a songwriting competition forces you to focus and refocus on your overall style.

Develop Talent & Get Prizes – If you enter a songwriting contest, you can end up gaining a good measure of your abilities. When you participate and wins, it’s a pretty good sign you’re getting something right. Winning comes with bragging rights, and more! You will get an opportunity to record the winning song in a professional environment under the guidance of competent and qualified technicians and musicians!

It’s not easy to enter a songwriting competition! You might not win but you walk away with a lot more than a certificate of participation. Songwriting competitions often provide the support and instruction newcomers need. Funding My Music regularly updates the recent song competitions you can apply to. Now you have an answer to both of your questions: “How to participate in songwriting competitions” and “Why you should participate in songwriting competitions”?


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