Its tough to find out where to apply for music funding but there is available a myriad of opportunities for aspiring artists. The following page will tell you where and how to apply for music funding thus making the whole process of securing fund a little easier.

Where To Apply For Music Funding?

Funding My Music serves as a viable solution to every artist’s sole question “How to raise funds my music project?” We present a number of solutions for artists to obtain financial help. The main providers of project funding for musicians are some of the acclaimed funding institutions. We at Funding My Music want nothing more than to help you. We do not charge anything in exchange for helping budding musicians find funding, in whichever way that may be.

We ensure to make the arrangement for personal loan to fund the production of your first E.P. We also help you get low-interest credit card so that you can easily meet the expenditure of miscellaneous expenses. We make the artists follow one of the most cost-efficient directions possible to raise funds for their music project.

How To Apply For Music Funding?

To apply for the music funding, all you have to do is visit our official website and then follow the below-mentioned steps:

  • Firstly: Fill out the email form available here
  • Secondly: One of our funding specialists will get in touch with you to further discuss your financial needs
  • Thirdly: If the project is passed by our team of experts, you will be provided the financial assistance you need

Other Types of Solutions Available


We offer the artists the golden chance to expose their hidden talent to angel investors. Upon submission, the FMM team will evaluate your music and pass along the most qualified candidate to these angel investors. Investors range from high net worth individuals to professional Angel Funders who could possibly offer financial support to help you achieve your musical endeavors.


FMM keeps on listing the about to be held recent competitions in your tinsel town. If you think you’re eligible and meets your genre, you can apply and showcase your talent to eminent judges and audience. If you happen to win, you can end up raising funds to help you in the launch of your dream song or project. On the other hand in the songwriting competitions, you don’t have to perform instead attach your song and paste your lyric and submit.


We do not discriminate when it comes to helping artists of all backgrounds and financial situations. We have enlisted both State and Federal grants offered to artists to help them aid from the government. We celebrate and promote the intrinsic value of music education. We also provide eBooks related to the music industry and how to get your music project started.

We live with the word “Music Connects Us”. We make sure to give wings to your music project it needs. For the question, “Where to apply for music funding” & “How to apply for music funding,” Funding My Music is the answer you’ve been searching for.

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